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Python 3 code quality beyond formatting and missing docstrings

Code DB gives you insights into complexity and bug risks with high accuracy because your code is analyzed with its dependencies installed.
See how problematic pieces of your codebase evolved and who was involved.
Let Code DB do the first steps on your code reviews by checking PRs and making fix suggestions.

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Code DB analyzes your Python code and gives you insights into issues (powered by PyLint), complexity and its history.


You can configure dependencies to be installed from PyPI. If you have a requirements.txt file in your repository, this one will be picked up automatically. By doing the analysis with dependencies installed, Code DB generates accurate issues.


Code DB reports issues using PyLint. You can ignore issues on several levels, so that you will not be bothered by false-positives or unimportant ones.

Pull request review

Code DB analyzes pull requests on your repository and reports results using Github Checks. It reports new & fixed issues. There is a diff view based on Python's syntax tree that gives you a quicker overview of the changes compared to pure text diffs.

Not ready yet

Sorry, Code DB is not yet ready for public sign up. Right now the service is tested with some early adopters. If you feel that you should be part of the closed testing phase please contact me:

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